The #1 reason for all performance training is: TO REDUCE THE RISK OF INJURY IN ATHLETES.

Every athlete has unique, sometimes awkward, movement patterns that put stress on the body. The biggest causes of injury include: weak muscles, tight muscles, cardiovascular/muscular fatigue, and incorrect form or patterns of movement. Although some injuries are unavoidable, we can reduce the risk by having quality movement and strong muscles, joints, ligaments, etc.

All young athletes can benefit from sports performance training. TruFit is committed to offering an enjoyable and comfortable environment conducive to pushing your limits and feeling safe to try again if you suffer a failure. We focus on teaching athletes physical literacy to keep them engaged as they learn to understand the language of athletic training. Its important the athlete understands why certain movements, exercises, and drills are performed with correct technique and form. Attention to the physical literacy leads to their cognitive understanding of how each thing they do transfers over into their games.