our environment

At TruFit we set the tone by requiring extremely hard work while welcoming mistakes. We teach athletes that success in basketball, as in life, is the result of consistent hard work; that goes along with the determination to overcome obstacles and the ability to rebound from mistakes. We encourage each player to embrace their mistakes and view them as life’s greatest teacher! By offering positive energy instead of negative feedback, we get the most out of our players, so they get the most out of the training.

It is our duty to instill a sense of confidence in each player the gives us the opportunity to train them. We believe that confidence drives success and constantly remind our athletes that great players are made in empty gyms NOT sold out arenas!

After all, “hard work beats talent if talent doesn’t work hard.” – Kevin Durant in Thunderstruck (2012)



TruFit offers athletes, of all ages, high quality effective training (for both basketball skillset & multi-sport PERFORMANCE training) in various forms:


  • Lab Work  (Semi -private 2-4 athletes in a session)

  • Membership  ( groups of 3-10 athletes in a session)

  • Team Training (7-13 athletes)

  • Private Sessions ( 1-on-1)


No matter the form of training received, all athletes will experience modified training specific to their individual needs and goals! This assists our team being as efficient as possible with no wasted training time. Through consistent repetition, we will evaluate and correct weak areas and also ensure proper movement mechanics. 


Our aim is to maximize each athletes unique potential skillfully, physically, and mentally. Creating an environment of purpose driven individuals!

the process

TruFit offers semi-private training as an effective and affordable way to get quality training. Athletes are placed into small groups of 2-4 and workout along side each other. We individualize the experience by coaching members on a personalized program that will have them doing different drills and exercises than the other athletes in their group. These custom workouts are determined by each player’s specific needs, wants, and goals!

Through repetition and practice we can evaluate and correct every movement to ensure proper form and range of motion. Athletes spend hours and hours perfecting a handful of basic moves before building on those moves with multiple different ways to use them.

Focusing on the fundamentals develops great “in-game” habits. Encouraging creativity creates crafty players that can perform in real-life game situations. We believe that this is the foundation to building an elite player!