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Why Choose Trufit Waist Game Workout?

As a working mom, Sabrina knows that every lady deserves the opportunity to build a better “HER”. A TruFit lady can put herself first, with any challenging schedule, due to: varying class schedules, all day 1-on-1 availability, and convenient online programs.

The ladies that attend TruFit Waist Game workouts are at varying fitness levels and diverse backgrounds; this ensures that everyone is comfortable and feels welcome! The encouraging women in this group offer the support and dedication necessary to build a community of women committed to a healthier lifestyle and shaping their curves!

Sabrina’s monthly online subscription service provides a unique 30-day workout plan, a 30 day online meal plan, and the flexibility to receive all the TruFit benefits no matter where you are. The TruFit online community is committed to succeeding TOGETHER.

TruFit Personal Training offers a customized fitness plan and nutrition advisory. The most important benefit of 1-on-1 personal training is the accountability, motivation, and personal encouragement from Sabrina. Our 12- week program will ensure your goals become successes. We aim to create a true difference, a TruFit difference.



Sabrina’s group classes offer a dynamic and energizing environment where you can work on fitness goals with like-minded, motivated, and supportive women like you! Her classes are composed of a combination of cardio, strength training, and Pilates geared to burn fat and increase stamina which results in more energy! These always changing, never boring workouts are designed specifically for shaping your curves and creating that hourglass physique. 

Drop-in rate:  $15/class

1 Month Paid in Full: $130/month

3 Month Paid in Full: $300 ($100/month)

3 Month Contract: $105/month

6 Month Paid in Full: $540 ($90/month)

6 Month Contract: $95/month

1 Year Paid in Full: $960 ($80/month)

1 Year Contract: $85/month

Weekly Schedule

Mondays: Butts & Guts

5:30AM / 9:00AM / 6:00PM / 6:45PM

Tuesdays: Sleek & Sexy Arms

5:30am / 5:30PM / 6:15Pm

Wednesdays: Total Body Tone

9:00AM / 6:00pm

Thursdays: Butts & Guts

5:30am / 5:30PM / 6:15pm

Fridays: Total Body Tone


Saturdays: Weekend Warrior

9:00am / 10:00am



TruFit Ladies one-on-one training is great for those times where you need a little extra support or are ready to take your ambitions to the next level. Whether your goals are beginner or advanced, partnering up with TruFit Ladies personal training will give you the individualized attention needed to best optimize your efforts and make every moment count.

TruFit Ladies Personal Training consists of a customized/detailed fitness plan, nutrition advisory, and most importantly it provides the accountability and encouragement you need to see your goals become successes.  Our standard program requires a minimum of an 12-week commitment as we aim to create a true difference. A TruFit difference.  

Times per Week  

2 x Week  

 3 x Week

3 Months

6 Months

12 Months

$140/Bi Weekly

$130/Bi Weekly

$190/Bi Weekly

$180/Bi Weekly

$170/Bi Weekly

$150/Bi Weekly

Monthly installment plans must be setup at the facility

Free group classes included with 1-on-1 training or with personal training 3 x week