TruFit’s sport training and conditioning is done using five pillars: conditioning, strength, agility, flexibility, and mindset. During these pillars we begin to make different benchmarks to track progress. This gives athletes an extra push to surpass previous recorded weight, reps, and time.


CONDITIONING: It’s simple: you can’t be effective if you’re easily tired! Majority of injuries occur when we’re fatigued. Good conditioning leads to injury reduction.

We use STRENGTH exercises to prepare athletes to withstand and exert maximum force, stress, effort, or energy. This is essential for injury reduction and peak performance!

AGILITY training is used to transfer energy into different directions quickly and safely. This includes: reflexes, coordination, balance, speed, and transitioning.

One of the most stressed areas of sports training at TruFit is FLEXIBILITY AND MOBILITY! This allows athletes the ability to move freely and regain range of motion. Flexibility training loosens joins and relaxes muscles allowing athletes to be more mobile! This keeps the body from overcompensating and using unnecessary energy to move.

Empowering athletes to have a strong MINDSET will develop the traits and skills necessary to overcome the mental tests that come with playing competitive sports. Mindset goes beyond shooting, jumpers, hitting homeruns, and scoring touchdowns. Character is one of the biggest factors in determining how successful you will be in your sport. Players must have their minds trained to push through tough situations, stay positive, and be CONFIDENT! We put athletes through mental training, on and off the court, to help improve their thought process.

At TruFit, we strive to empower our athletes to be successful in their sport beyond dribbling, shooting, and passing. We believe that CHARACTER is one of the biggest factors in determining how far you will go in a sport, or in life. Players must have the mindset to stay positive and push through tough situation on and off the court. A mentally tough player is always better than a skilled player with a weak mindset!


Athletes of all ages have workouts designed to introduce and create a foundation of overall athleticism that utilized high energy programs that are enjoyable with proven results. Primary focuses are: proper running technique, coordination, balance, introduction to essential muscular movements, and functional strength training.

Ages 7 – 11: At young ages athletes need to learn the ABC’s of movement: agility, balance, and coordination. Supplying kids with a broad movement base allows them to move more freely, safely, and effectively.

Ages 12 – 14: Focused attention on understanding the mechanic of the body and methods to increase performance through weight maintenance, speed, agility, flexibility, conditioning, and mobility training.

Ages 15 – College: High level training beginning to highlight and structure around sport-specific body demands. In this phase we focus on the areas of strength and increasing power at moderate to heavy loads to reach optimal output during sports competition.